The Collection Premium “La magie Noire” AW 15/16 designed by Sophie Kula is a fantastic combination of fairytales and magic. The melancholic theme of the clothes refers to mysterious scenes from legends. The designer combines dark colours of high quality fabrics and bright, colorful, handmade embroideries. The final fairytale effects is perfected in dressmaker workshops. The clash of light and gloomy colours can be associated with fireflies looming from the forests. Together they all create the scenery for the magic world where you feel like losing yourself.


The collection Prêt-à-porter “La magie Noire” AW 15/16 designed by Sophie Kula is of more daily basis character. The designs are maintained in the same concept of fairytales and fantasy, whereas they are simpler in form and the embroideries are produced mechanically. This collection is meant for wider distribution, and the clothes themselves are produced in factories. The designs refer to the world of wonders, which will allow us to escape into the depths of magic.