The Collection is inspired by warm childhood memories: innocence, cartoons, sweets and toys. Repeating patterns on a perfect white back- ground, using wheels and colored pinstripes, ended by sparkling sequins, plastic studs and stars.

Fabrics: silk and cotton

- premiere Collection „Sweet memories” during Final Competition Elite Model LooK / Hilton Warsaw august 2013 ( at TV4 20.09.) – charity fashion show “Pastelowy Śląsk” / Sibibl Katowice december 2013 – exhibition young fashion designer ArtGeorgia HC FW Paris january 2014 – Fashion Show during Neo Fashion Jamboree Festival in Bielsko Biała / 18th may 2014

- Fashion show collection “Sweet Memories” during Grand Opening 4* Hotel Diament in Zabrze/ 23th may 2014 – Fashion Show during Final International Contest BeNext in Batumi Georgia/ 9th june 2014 Sophie’s Kula collection “Sweet Memories” won, one award : summer course 2014 “” in Domus Academy in Milan


www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJM2GDPuXCY www.vimeo.com/99013741